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Sea Change Recovery is a drug and alcohol treatment program in Santa Monica, CA.

We serve a community of people who share the experiences of addiction, trauma, neglect, and alienation from society and self.


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who we are

Life at Sea Change

Sea Change Recovery is a community where you will learn how to heal + overcome substance abuse for good.

Who We Are

We are a team of recovering people + addiction professionals who believe in the possibility of recovery for all.

Our Location

Our beautiful location in Santa Monica, CA offers our clients the opportunity to recover in a healing environment.

Stories of Recovery

Become inspired by our personal stories of recovery. From alumni to staff, we have seen that recovery is possible.

we work with your insurance

Sea Change Recovery works with most major insurance carriers, and we are in-network with Anthem Blue Cross. Our admissions team will work with your insurance to ensure the lowest out-of-pocket costs when seeking treatment.


We Believe Recovery is Possible for Those Who Want It.

Sea Change Recovery is not your average treatment center. We offer truly individualized treatment based on your needs as a person suffering from addiction. We understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment, which is why we offer a multitude of treatment methods to fit each client’s unique needs.



Testimonials + Hope

  • When entering recovery, it's about becoming part of a culture of recovering, active and happy people who want to live life, and are willing to do the work. Josh Lazie has created a model that works. Because of him, and other supportive professionals I am today a husband, a father, in a top role in my profession and I live a full and happy life free from drugs and alcohol!!!

  • One of the few treatment centers that is actually showing men how to survive once they leave treatment. Truly impressed with the staff and curriculum. There is a difference between good treatment and bad. Sea Change hopefully is the model that other "high-end" treatment centers would aspire to be.

    DAVID G.
  • What an amazing place! Sea Change took me in when my life had become completely hopeless and the staff here did everything they could to help me find the tools to improve my life. I spent just under a year here in the program and what a difference my life is today looking back. They've taught me so many things about myself and how take control of my own life and helped plug me into a community of amazing people. I couldn't be more thankful for who I am today and what my life now looks like.

    JOEY L.
  • I have a friend who needs help.  I made the call to Sea Change to start the process.  Sadly. my friend didn't follow through with his appointment, but I got good advice on how to better deal with the situation.  I love the concept of this facility, using salt water therapy, surfing or some form of exercise to strengthen the body along with the soul.  Hopefully my friend will find the courage to follow through.

    LINDA R.
  • I love Sea Change they do amazing work. The staff are great. If you are truly ready to get sober they will show you the way. Real recovery happens here.

    ZANE A.
  • I don't like to admit how many rehabs I've been too but... they're not all good (we must remember it's a business). Sea Change, on the other hand, is not a business, they teach integrity and mental strength against the addiction and not to be a "rehab guy" anymore. I can honestly state that the sobriety program that is keeping me away from the drink today is all due to Sea Change. I truly love the staff, location, and program they run. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    SHANE M.
  • Sea Change taught my son how to channel his passion as a coping mechanism. Bottom line saved his life and allowed our family to grow stronger and understand this terrible epidemic we have in America today. Thank you Sea Change, you are life savers, you never gave up on Jason and made him an even better person today. You are miracle workers. Continue your excellent work.

    TOM M.

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