The story of Microsoft is legend: two guys drop out of college, start writing software (presumably in a garage), and become billionaires. Simple, right? But if we look beyond the legend, we find [...]

Practicing Meditation

Phone calls. Texts. Appointments. Calendars. Emails. Stop!!! The technological age we live in is a bit of a double-edged sword. What we gain in convenience we lose in peace of mind. Our brains [...]

Jiu-Jitsu: The Action of Distraction in Action

Anyone with a little time under their belt will tell you that living sober is moment to moment—a reality focused on the present, on living life in the here and now, but most importantly, it’s a [...]

Me, You, and Music: Sanctuary, Recovery, and Infinity

Why is music the oldest form of human communication? What does it really do to us? And why do every single one of us listen to it? I needed to ask Sonny Mayo all these questions. He’s a lifelong [...]

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