Go With The Flow

Imagine that you are racing down a ski slope, snow-draped trees whooshing by as you maneuver between obstacles, frosted air whisking your cheeks, your focus intensely locked on the position of [...]

Creatures of Habit

Do you remember your first time parallel parking? At first, it was challenging and stressful. But the more you grew comfortable reversing and pulling your car in, it became easier — almost [...]

Selfless? More Like Think About Your Self… Less

“Hi, how are you?” It’s something we’ve all said countless times. But what about in recovery? When things are beyond tough or challenging or just utterly unknown? When any random moment can be [...]

Whats Your Rat Pack

Much of what we know about addiction comes from tests performed on lab rats in the mid 20th century. The experiment is simple: put a rat in a tiny cage, alone, with two water bottles. One is just [...]

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