What is Substance Abuse Counseling & Therapy?

Picture illustrating Substance Abuse Counseling and Therapy

1. What is substance abuse counseling or therapy? Substance abuse counseling is a combination of treatment and support to help people break free from drug or alcohol addiction. This specific type of therapy is often a key part of rehabilitation programs so clients can overcome substance dependence mentally and emotionally. Clients will work with a […]

How Does Rehab Work For Drugs and Alcohol?

How Does Rehab Work For Drugs and Alcohol?? Getting treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction is incredibly hard, and staying sober in the long-term after rehab is even harder. So, does rehab for drugs and alcohol work, and how? There’s no single answer to this question, as treatment for drugs and alcohol works differently for […]

Do I Need Rehab? | Rehab For Alcohol & Drugs

The 20.2 million adults aged 18 or older with a pa st year substance use disorder represent about 8.4 percent of the total population of adults. In 2014, 2.5 million adults aged 18 or older received treatment for alcohol or illicit drug use at a specialty facility in the past year. This translates to 1.0 […]

Finding The Best Los Angeles Detox Treatment Center

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Drug and alcohol abuse is an extremely common issue in the city of Los Angeles, with about 8% of Californians meeting the criteria for a substance use disorder. alcoholism experts across the world agree that detox and alcoholism programs are the first step towards starting a successful long-term recovery from drug & alcohol abuse. When […]

Finding the Best Los Angeles Rehab For Addiction & Alcoholism

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Many people seek out Rehab in Los Angeles, but finding the best Los Angeles Rehab can be extremely overwhelming. Los Angeles Public Health Substance Abuse Prevention and Control states that 60,000 LA residents entered rehab between 2008 and 2009. The city’s enormous population has continued to show a high prevalence of drug & alcohol addiction […]

The True Cost of Rehab In Los Angeles

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Many people suffering from addiction assume that rehab is prohibitively expensive when that’s not always the case. Let’s break down the true cost of rehab.

The Effects of Chronic Substance Abuse on Your Physical Health

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Chronic abuse of chemical substances — whether alcohol, designer drugs, or even marijuana — affects the body in different and often unexpected ways. Substance abuse can damage organs, change a person’s physical appearance, and alter how the entire body functions. The precise impact on physical health depends on several factors, including the physical condition of […]