Why are Support Systems Important for Recovery?

We've got answers to your questions about support systems: What are they? Do they help? How can you be an effective support system for someone in recovery?

How to Tell if Someone is an Alcoholic

Alcoholism is one of the great unfairnesses of life. How is it possible that something that makes people feel so happy and so good can turn on them so completely, threatening their sanity, their [...]

How to Interact With a Treatment Client Who’s Home for the Holidays

Somehow, Thanksgiving and the Holiday season are already right around the corner. Addiction treatment clients often visit home during the Holidays–sometimes for the first time since they [...]

A Family Disease: A Look into How Addiction and Alcoholism Impact the Family Unit

Addiction and Alcoholism is a family disease in that it affects the family as a whole and each member individually. For an individual, living with alcohol and drug abuse means putting oneself in [...]

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