7 Addiction Recovery Myths That Just Aren’t True

There are many misconceptions about addiction and recovery. But today, we're going to debunk 7 addiction recovery myths that just aren't true.

Why are Support Systems Important for Recovery?

We've got answers to your questions about support systems: What are they? Do they help? How can you be an effective support system for someone in recovery?

Why Are Sober Anniversaries Important?

You’ve heard of them before, but what are sober anniversaries? Why are they important? How do you choose one? And how do you celebrate them? Let's discuss.

7 Tips for Managing Stress Without Alcohol and Drugs

Stress is a common contributor to addiction, but there are many ways to manage stress without alcohol and drugs. And we're going to tell you how...

Why It’s Important to Stay Busy in Early Sobriety

Typically there are five stages to addiction recovery: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. One of the main ways that you can stay steady with your recovery [...]

7 Recovering Celebrities

Fame comes with a high level of stress, and many celebrities have turned to alcohol and drugs to deal with the lifestyle. It is not uncommon to hear that a star has checked into rehab. Most [...]

Surfing: A Modern Addiction Therapy

Overcoming addictions is not easy, and it takes deliberate action on the part of the patient to make it out of habits. Most addictions are attached to experiences that the individual has [...]

A Guide to Sobriety for Women

Be Ready for the Journey The pathway to recovery from addiction is a difficult journey. The key to Women’s Recovery is preparing for that journey ahead of time and being ready for the [...]

How Jiu-Jitsu Can Aid Trauma Recovery

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a Therapy Looking at martial arts, those who have experience in the area of martial arts know that there are basically two different forms of martial arts, at least in [...]

The Benefits of Yoga for Addiction Recovery

Yoga can be an important tool in recovery and is increasingly being used in substance abuse treatment programs to help reduce withdrawal symptoms, along with cravings and relapse. It can provide [...]

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