Heroin Skateboards X SCR Collaboration | Fuck Drugs Let’s Skate

Skating in Los Angeles To Overcome Addiction

Heroin Skateboards X SCR Collaboration | Mark “Fos” Foster, artist and founder of Heroin Skateboards and industry disrupter in his own right teamed up with Sea Change Recovery recently on a very special project. The shirt, “Fuck Drugs Let’s Skate” emblematizes all the qualities that Sea Change Recovery and Heroin Skateboards demonstrate: Simple, bold and […]

Our Favorite Spots to Recover this Summer in Santa Monica

Santa Monica Recovery Places Art

At Sea Change it can feel like its summer all year long. It was hard to narrow down our favorite West Side spots so here it goes: Venice Skate Park 1500 Ocean Front Walk, Los Angeles, CA 90291 Skateboarding brings an immense amount of pleasure to a huge number of people. Just like people in […]

Chaos in recovery is Good For You

Someone in los angeles experiencing chaos in recovery

Logan Gelbrich is a busy man. As the owner of the highly regarded Deuce Gym in Venice Beach, you’d think his days would already be filled to the brim. But between traveling the world with the CrossFit Strongman Seminar and slinging top-of-the-line supplements with ORIGINAL Nutritionals, he’s also writing his first book. I sat down […]

Grappling With Depression as an Addict

Depressed Addict

When the first UFC event was held in 1993, many viewed it as a centuries-in-the-making experiment, an attempt to answer to the perennial question: what is the best method of fighting? A few hours into the event, the answer was clear—and it wasn’t kung fu, muay thai, or karate. Royce Gracie, a relatively unknown practitioner […]

Midnight Mission: A Place for Purpose

Rocket Taking Off At Midnight

Midnight Mission opened in 1914 and its purpose is, “To offer a bridge to self-sufficiency for people experiencing homelessness through recovery services, counseling, education, training, workforce development and continued care services.”It’s worth our admiration, volunteering, and donations. We should always understand there are many others who need our help.And Midnight Mission’s slogan makes profound sense… […]

Jiu-Jitsu: The Action of Distraction in Action

Jiu Jitsu Master In Los Angeles

Anyone with a little time under their belt will tell you that living sober is moment to moment—a reality focused on the present, on living life in the here and now, but most importantly, it’s a reality focused on… The action. I’ve mentioned the term The Action of Distraction a number of times, and not […]

The Action of Distraction

The Action Of Distraction

Without getting into too much detail—because, truthfully, I’m no longer willing to miss the forest for the trees, or in other words, I’ll get real lost in the details real fucking quick—I’m going on ten years in one way, ten months in another, and even just ten minutes in the here and now. I’m as […]