Drug and alcohol abuse is an extremely common issue in the city of Los Angeles, with about 8% of Californians meeting the criteria for a substance use disorder. alcoholism experts across the world agree that detox and alcoholism programs are the first step towards starting a successful long-term recovery from drug & alcohol abuse. When seeking out a Los Angeles Detox Treatment Center, it’s important to consider whether they are licensed by the state for medical detox.

Unfortunately, a survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that as many as 90% of people who most need detox and alcoholism programs do not receive it. If you or someone you know is abusing drugs or alcohol, it’s never too late to find help. This article will walk you through the information needed to start a successful detox in Los Angeles.

Types of Medically Assisted Addiction Detox Programs in Los Angeles


Medical detox and alcoholism programs are widely regarded to be the safest and most common way to recover from drug & alcohol addiction, being the #1 recommended treatment center option by most alcoholism experts, as opposed to unconventional methods such as at home detox.

This type of detox provides medically assisted treatment center, usually done as part of a rehab facility program, supervised by trained health professionals. During medical detox and alcoholism programs, you will be assisted by doctors and nurses who specialize in alcoholism and help patients cope with and manage withdrawal symptoms by providing medication and psychiatric monitoring throughout this daunting process.

There are two main types of medical detox: inpatient and outpatient.

It should be noted that outpatient is only allowed for certain cases of drug and alcoholism and is not the ideal recommendation when it comes to choosing medical detox alcoholism treatment, as they have a reported lower success rate. However, outpatient is generally more affordable and accessible than inpatient rehab, due to its part time program status.

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Can Clients Detox At Home?


Many people choose to go through their Los Angeles detox program process at home without professional medical assistance due to a lack of financial aid; it can also signify a lack of commitment or a fear of getting better. In other situations, the idea of a clinical setting discourages clients from making the leap. However, our Detox In Los Angeles is licensed for residential treatment. This means you get the best of both words.

Most cases of drug and alcoholism treatment centers call for more serious measures than at home DIY detox treatment centers can provide. At home detox, while it may seem tempting, is widely regarded to be dangerous and potentially fatal by alcoholism experts. This is why research studies and medical experts alike both point to medical detox programs as being the safest, most effective option for defeating drug & alcohol addiction.

Some of the potential complications of attempting at home detox addiction program include:

What Clients Should Expect During & After Detox In Los Angeles


Once you choose a detox program, the first step to beginning your detox alcoholism program is usually to undergo a professional evaluation in order for your treatment center providers to understand your unique needs.

During the client assessment, they will gather information on your medical history, the details surrounding your alcoholism, and anything else they need to know to develop a detox center plan that’s right for you. This will also help them determine which medications and what types of therapies you will need to be administered during your Los Angeles detox program.

Once detox and alcoholism program starts, when the harmful substances in your body start to slowly disappear, it is likely that you will begin to experience some withdrawal symptoms. It’s important to note that each person experiences Los Angeles detox treatment in a unique way, so not everyone will experience the same type or amount of side effects.

The severity and type of withdrawal symptoms typically experienced will widely vary on a number of different factors, including how long the alcoholism has been present, the type of substance, how much has been consumed, the frequency, the severity of the dependence, the state of the patient’s mental and physical health, stress levels, as well as other factors.

The physical and psychological side effects of Los Angeles detox program can include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, jitters, cold sweats, high fever, muscle, joint, and bone pain, high blood pressure, headaches, irritability, anxiety, depression, paranoia, insomnia, nightmares, physical and emotional exhaustion, stomach pain, trouble focusing, extreme mood swings, cravings, and more.

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Some of the more severe withdrawal symptoms can include hallucinations and seizures. When not treated professionally and with the right medication, some withdrawal symptoms can be fatal, which is why it’s important to go through a professional detox Los Angeles alcoholism treatment center at an established rehab in the Los Angeles area, so that you can have a well-equipped and safe transition.

During medical Los Angeles detox treatment, you will be given appropriate doses of controlled medication in order to manage and ease withdrawal symptoms. Depending on your drug of choice and the severity of your alcoholism, the detox addiction treatment process can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, although the average length is one to two weeks.

Once you’ve finished with the Los Angeles detox treatment process, you will be mentored throughout the rest of your treatment center program. After completing rehabilitation, it is important to have a plan in place to maintain sobriety. Most rehab centers will offer continued care plans after treatment center to provide you with recovery support long after you leave their facilities.

This is typically overseen by trained professionals with the main goal of keeping you off drugs and alcohol. Long-term aftercare can include individual and/or family counseling, support groups, continued medication plans, regular checkups with a mentor, as well as help finding employment, housing, and building relationships.

How to Start a Detox Program in Los Angeles For Addiction


If you are concerned that your addiction to drugs or alcohol is negatively affecting your life, you are on the right path. Finding a detox addiction treatment center is the first step to addiction recovery. When successful, research has shown that recovering from a drug & alcohol addiction can greatly improve one’s quality of life, level of happiness & more.

Clients looking for a detox alcohol treatment center in Los Angeles can seem daunting, with over 200 different programs existing in the populous California city. Some of the most important factors to consider are affordability, access to financial aid, type of therapy and activities offered, length of stay, and whether or not the facility and their staff members are nationally accredited and properly licensed. Many people find themselves concerned that they might not be able to afford a Detox Program. The Affordable Care Act ensure that substance abuse treatment will be covered by your health insurance. In some cases where the insurance does not cover the entire bill, we are always willing to work with you to make things work

The mst important thing to remember throughout this process is that it’s never too late to ask for help. A good treatment center program will provide you with a strong professional and personal support system to remind you that you’re not alone while you work towards a successful recovery.


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