Heroin Skateboards X SCR Collaboration | Mark “Fos” Foster, artist and founder of Heroin Skateboards and industry disrupter in his own right teamed up with Sea Change Recovery recently on a very special project. The shirt, “Fuck Drugs Let’s Skate” emblematizes all the qualities that Sea Change Recovery and Heroin Skateboards demonstrate: Simple, bold and in your face.

Fos came up with the idea for Heroin Skateboards when he broke his wrist skating in the late 90s. Looking out the ambulance windows on his way to the hospital for the skate injury, Fos scoped out potential skate spots. It was then that he realized he was “consumed with skateboarding.” Skating was his addiction. Hence, the catchy and blunt title for his company “Heroin.”

On skating, Fos (who has never had a history with substance abuse) reflects, “personally, skateboarding always distracted me from all the other stuff and always been there for me– that’s my thing.” Though he considers himself straight edge, that doesn’t mean Fos hasn’t personally seen and felt the effects of drug culture and the consequences of substance abuse in his own community. He recalled several friends who have passed as a result of drug and alcohol abuse and described the dark underbelly of the skateboarding community with drugs and alcohol playing a huge role in the culture.

Fos wants to be clear his “company stands against that- never [utilizing] graphics that endorse drug use.” The collaboration with Sea Change came out of the idea to foil the expectation that drugs and skateboarding are compatible and inseparable. He has broken boundaries in art, skate and now the culture of addiction and recovery from substance abuse.

“I wanted to do something to try and give back and be involved in something that helps people through recovery,” Fos said. “That was the idea of reaching out to Sea Change.” And the rest was t-shirt history.

Seachange Recovery is a huge proponent for experiential therapy and getting involved in activities that support long term sobriety. Learn more by reaching out to us here.



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