Feel Your Creative Energy

The great fear of so many artists who get sober is that sobriety will ruin their imagination or creativity.  Art takes so many forms including music, photography, writing and even film.  Many of the creative minds behind these art forms fear that they will not be able to get their creative juices flowing without “mind-enhancing” substances.  This is a myth.

Creativity often blossoms in sobriety once we put down the drugs and booze.  For example, the famous painter Jackson Pollock crafted some of his most well-known works during a 2 year period of sobriety.  So many of our own clients here at Sea Change are guided back to their artistic routes, which drugs and alcohol had stolen away.

So what holds people back from tapping into their imagination? The answer is fear.  Fear of the unknown; fear of success; fear of opening up to this great creative energy.

Don’t give in to that fear.  Jump in and just create!

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