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At Sea Change we understand that a client’s recovery journey doesn’t end with treatment.  We also understand that we cater to a very specific population.

When possible, we like to provide our discharging clients options for treatment providers that will be a good fit for them when they leave our program so that they can continue in their recovery.

If you are interested in becoming part of our referral network, please complete the form below. Someone from our outreach team will get in contact with you to find out if would can build a referral relationship.

Love In the Trenches (LITT) is a support group for parents of addicts who are suffering the collateral damage of their child’s addiction.

As parents of an active addict, we are walking the trenches to one outcome or another, acknowledging that the only outcome for our addicted child is death or recovery.

This journey is painful, isolating, and often feels shameful. We are here to support one another, no matter the outcome. We are in agreement that love is at the core of our relationship with our addict. We are here to share our stories without shame, and support one another in making healthy choices as we walk this walk.