Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a Therapy

Looking at martial arts, those who have experience in the area of martial arts know that there are basically two different forms of martial arts, at least in combative. There is striking and there is grappling. Striking is the more commonly known position, we meet force with force. Striking is really powerful but it’s also extremely exhausting, physically and mentally. This takes a lot of energy, being that you are constantly working and fighting. Grappling is the entire opposite of this, grappling is closely associated with Judo or Brazilian Jui Jitsu, where it is possible to take someone’s strike energy and use it against them. Grappling is best known for them breaking an opponent’s stance while in some fashion, to bring them down to the ground, so they are no longer a threat. Patients thoroughly enjoy the arts about this approach through Jui Jitsu because it requires very little effort and very little energy. In a way, your opponent is going to do the vast majority of the work. With our newest and experimental treatment, we find a balance of both these forms, and teach our patients how to use it not only physically but emotionally to overcome depression and anxiety in recovery.

An Introduction to Jiu-Jitsu

These things are easier said than done, as expected, but our highly trained staff are excited to guide you until you are comfortable to break emotional and physical barriers. When a traumatic event is registered entered into one’s brain, your emotions tend to become tangled and difficult to understand. Jiu Jitsu gives you more than enough time to decide if it’s an emotion you want to continue experiencing or not with various recovery warm-ups and physical exercises. Sea Change recovery aims to encourage their patients to do something and act on whatever emotional obstacle they aim to overcome. Albeit that is a skill that takes time to build, the road to recovery is a long one and Sea Change Recovery will be with you every step of the way.

Recovery from Trauma & PTSD

Trauma Recovery is a long, winding road, once you realize that this is an emotion that your brain is giving telltale signs that you may need assistance overcoming this issue, you can begin to chip away with our patented programs, Jui Jitsu may seem intimidating at first, and but if you continue to practice some of this skill building, it is quite easy to fall into a routine.In Jui Jitsu, if caught in a difficult position, it is strictly taught not to panic; but to stay calm, breathe and think. Their ideology is that panicking is not going to help- One has to be smart to stay safe and to fight, motivate yourself to get in a better position. That means keeping your mind intact, not losing focus on what is important in a dangerous position. You can be submitted or you can move in an intelligent way to get yourself out; that’s a skill and it takes time to build, but you can do the same thing with your emotions.

A Change For The Better

Sea Change offers Jiu-Jitsu experiential groups twice a week, helping people find their way forward by focusing on the present moment and getting into action through movement. Jiu-Jitsu can be a powerful way to channel addictive tendencies into a more positive way of living. Sea Change Recovery isn’t your typical drug rehab. We combine traditional, modern, holistic, experiential, as well as innovative therapies to offer our clients sustainable recovery.

Adventure Therapy.

Now we at Sea Change Recovery understand that martial arts techniques and practices like Brazilian Jui-Jitsu are not for everyone. If you feel as though that these practices do not suit your needs that is perfectly fine, some patients would rather take a different route to what it means to be fully free of the disease called addiction.We have several other programs available such as surfing the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica. Days at nearby Santa Monica or Venice Beach can include oceanfront meditation practice, group discussion, surf lessons, and generally having a fun and relaxing experience with peers and friends. Ocean water is believed to have multiple health benefits to the body at mind. Not only does it provide a memorable and mellowing experience, allowing one to get out of their own head; but it’s a profound experience to completely give oneself away to the sea and be a part of it. Through careful instruction and patient leadership, Benjamin Bradley guides men step by step to accept not only themselves and the power they hold but the world around them. Contact us today to speak to an addiction professional and to receive help today.

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