Midnight Mission opened in 1914 and its purpose is, “To offer a bridge to self-sufficiency for people experiencing homelessness through recovery services, counseling, education, training, workforce development and continued care services.”It’s worth our admiration, volunteering, and donations. We should always understand there are many others who need our help.And Midnight Mission’s slogan makes profound sense…

“Step Into The Light.”

Sea Change realizes its residents need to step into the light because recovery goes both ways––the best way to get the help you need is to give the help someone else needs.

Colin Reiner at Sea Change is a man who’s been on both ends of Midnight Mission, so there’s no one better to guide resident volunteers through their life-changing experiences there.

“We meet with a volunteer coordinator, they take us on a tour of the facility. The tour guide is a participant of the program. They’re on work therapy. Suit up, show up, be on time, do a job, and receive a small paycheck… I’m a product of Midnight Mission.”

Colin explained that Sea Change resident volunteers at Midnight Mission spend the afternoon feeding anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000 people.

“We’ve had our guys in tears before. In a good way. You get guys overwhelmed with gratitude. We work in recovery, right? So we provide experiences that only strengthen that recovery.

”All in all, Colin made the point that recovery—be it his personal recovery, a Sea Change resident’s recovery, or anyone’s recovery—is about helping someone else. Plain and simple.

Again… “Step Into The Light.”

“It’s altruistic acts, service, and staying in gratitude. A heavy lesson, a heavy dose in all three. It gives our guys a chance to give back, see what things could be like, and become grateful for where they are now.”

Colin ended with a simple description of his own personal growth and gratitude. “Just be useful. It’s something I hadn’t experienced in a very long time. Something as small as smiling at a person you’re feeding… Can go a long way.” Only too true… It can save a life.

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