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Sea Change offers men and women for whom previous recovery attempts have been unsuccessful a welcoming, enjoyable, and effective experience. The focus of life at Sea Change is helping our clients achieve the physical, mental and spiritual healing necessary to enter lasting recovery and get their lives back on track.

While we believe in intensive therapy, step-work and community service, we also understand the importance of enjoying life and fostering a healthy and active sober community. We strive to balance the hard work of recovery, therapy, and self-discovery with fun and friendship. Community plays a crucial role here. At Sea Change, we believe that some of the most important results of one’s time here are the friends one makes. Leaving treatment with a network of sober supporters with shared experience can help sustain recovery for a lifetime.

At Sea Change, days are filled with a combination of individual and group therapy sessions, salt water and music therapy, Muay Thai training, community service, 12-Step meetings, and socializing with peers. At any given time, you will find the men of Sea Change socializing, enjoying a meal together, traveling to and from meetings, therapy sessions, and events. In addition to making new friends with Sea Change peers, our clients will be introduced to the diverse and thriving Santa Monica and Venice Beach recovery communities of which Sea Change is an active and respected member.

The Sea Change environment is one of respect and collegiality. We can lead men and women to a path of therapy and thinking that works, but he or she must walk it. Showing respect to the work of recovery and to each other requires transparency and frankness. Whether speaking with a therapist or a peer, we encourage the sharing of unvarnished truth and authentic feeling. Being forthright and truthful leads to a better understanding of personal progress, more authentic relationships, and a more open and relaxed atmosphere.

Lyon Herron

We Believe Recovery is Possible for Those Who Want It.

From the initial assessment process to treatment planning, each aspect of our innovative treatment program is crafted to achieve sustainable recovery from addiction. Sea Change understands that treatment is most effective when a person is serious about the process and outcome. We aim to work with clients who are ready to actively change their lives and work for recovery.



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