Mindfulness is a huge part of recovery. In fact, one of the twelve steps teaches recovering addicts and alcoholics that prayer and meditation must be practiced in order to treat their disease. Meditation can take many forms. Its not necessarily sitting cross-legged, eyes closed at an altar with burning incense. It can take the form of paddling out against the harsh salty foam of the great pacific ocean to catch a ride on the perfect wave. At Sea Change we incorporate surfing as part of our addiction recovery and mindfulness practice.

The ocean offers many benefits, which is why it’s best to find a detox in Los Angeles closer to the water. Not only is spending time in the ocean a physically invigorating and relaxing experience for addiction recovery, but the ocean water itself is also believed to have many positive health benefits on brain and body. In ancient Greek and Roman tradition, salt water was recognized as having regenerating and relaxing properties. They benefited from salt’s natural healing properties often by swimming in it as well as drinking it.

Swimming or floating in the sea brings about many different healing effects to the physical body. It helps to pump blood from the lower limbs upward, bringing about a flow of more oxygen to the brain. The sounds from the ocean waves alter the wave patterns of the brain, bringing the body into a relaxed and revitalized state.

After years of receiving artificial joy from substances and escapism, we must learn to once again take pleasure in nature and authentic experiences. Sea Change Recovery’s Addiction Program Near Los Angeles shows our clients the magic the ocean can bring to our recovery programs and our lives as a whole. So get out there and catch a wave!

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