Overcoming addictions is not easy, and it takes deliberate action on the part of the patient to make it out of habits. Most addictions are attached to experiences that the individual has including friends, the environment and activities the person is involved in during the process. Providing sustainable solutions that can replace the skills of the individual with healthy ones not only provides a healthier change but permanent results when it comes to treating drug and alcohol addictions. It is evident that the recovery processed can be helped by intensively involving activities accompanied by therapy.

Sea Change Recovery has come up with a great program that requires nature to enable a full mental, physical and spiritual recovery that not only puts patients on the right path but enhances their sense of self-worth at the end. Some of these recovery paths include the use of group therapy sessions, friendships within the circles, adventure therapy, salt water therapy, jujitsu, music therapy, and group support. All these programs are geared towards a wholesome change that minimized lapses. One of the greatest tragedies for any rehab is when a patient lapses to his or her old ways. Giving a permanent solution involves a complete lifestyle change that is more sustainable

Seawater therapy by surfing

The use of Surfing as a Recovery Addiction Treatment is not only practical but one of the most exciting ways a patient can engage the mental faculties. Seawater has been found to have several benefits used in experiential therapy that bring healing to the body and mind. These include providing a calming environment, new frontiers to challenge the body as well as a different outlook on what life has to offer. Seawater has been used for ages as a healing medium, and this also works for rehab victims. Surfing as a sport and pass time activity takes the mind, body, and spirit to learn. It also engages all the three aspects to need to do any time. It is also an exercise regime that keeps the brain and the body fit. Sea Change Recovery uses the Recovery Addiction Treatment by training the patients to surf and be very good at it. The best careful instructors also ensure that the patient can do this on his or her own for recreation purposes.

A winning combination

Combining surfing as a method of therapy with counseling sessions and medication not only works to enhance the time needed to recover but creates a good connection between the patients. Surfing support groups are tight-knit all driven by the need to not only stay sober but improve the quality of life. The patients spend most of their time going for rehab sessions or out at sea and can combine this with other disciplines including martial arts and skateboarding among many others. The rehab center near Los Angeles recognizes the fact that bad habits require reinforcement and investment by the patients and so they use the same premise by ensuring the patient invests time, resources as well as behavioral change and support to bring about healing.


Therapy for the sake of it will not bring about a complete change. Changing the individual’s lifestyle by introducing similar challenges that bring about the rush of adrenaline as well as a feeling of belonging replaces drugs and alcohol effectively. New positives addictions will easily override bad habits with proper overriding processes in a person’s life. The best thing about experiential rehabilitation is that it attaches value every encounter the person has. The recovery involves building relationships, building new healthy habits and enjoying every moment as they do so.If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, don’t be afraid to reach out. Contact us today for more information about Sea Change Recovery.

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