Why It Might Be Beneficial To Travel To Drug Rehab In Los Angeles

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When you decide to get help for any form of drug and substance addiction it means that you are willing to begin your road to recovery. This is a very big and recommendable step. When choosing the best way to go about recovery, there are certain factors you need to put into consideration like who […]

How to Help an Addicted Loved One

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Watching someone you love suffer from the effects of addiction is heartbreaking, and can take a toll on the strongest person. It is especially tricky if it is someone close to you like a mother, father or child. Even without wanting to, an addict will draw you into their life and lifestyle, because you’re constantly […]

Surfing: A Modern Addiction Therapy

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Overcoming addictions is not easy, and it takes deliberate action on the part of the patient to make it out of habits. Most addictions are attached to experiences that the individual has including friends, the environment and activities the person is involved in during the process. Providing sustainable solutions that can replace the skills of […]

A Guide to Sobriety for Women

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Be Ready for the Journey The pathway to recovery from addiction is a difficult journey. The key to Women’s Recovery is preparing for that journey ahead of time and being ready for the obstacles along the way. This encompasses everything from the small things like being away of how recovery will change your diet to […]

7 Ways to Help an Addicted Loved One

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The world of substance abuse is a dark and scary place. Alcohol and drug abuse can affect anyone from anywhere. It doesn’t matter what your age is, how you grew up, what you do for a living, or the balance of your bank account. It is believed that substance abuse is a disease that impacts […]

How to Tell if Someone is an Alcoholic

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Alcoholism is one of the great unfairness’s of life. How is it possible that something that makes people feel so happy and so good can turn on them so completely, threatening their sanity, their livelihood, their family and their very lives? No one sets out to become an alcoholic, and most are very surprised when […]