How to Help an Addicted Loved One

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Watching someone you love suffer from the effects of addiction is heartbreaking, and can take a toll on the strongest person. It is especially tricky if it is someone close to you like a mother, father or child. Even without wanting to, an addict will draw you into their life and lifestyle, because you’re constantly […]

Coming Home From Treatment Center In Los Angeles For The Holidays

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Every year, lots of our addiction treatment clients go home to see their families over the holidays. This visit might even be the first time visiting home since you started treatment. If it is, then congratulations! If you’re going home during the holidays, it’s because your therapist and sponsor have faith in you. That’s a […]

How to Interact With a Treatment Client Who’s Home From Los Angeles for the Holidays

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Somehow, Thanksgiving and the Holiday season are already right around the corner. Addiction treatment clients often visit home during the Holidays–sometimes for the first time since they entered the program. While this is probably exciting, it can also be stressful for both the client and their family. With that stress in mind, we talked to […]

A Family Disease: A Look into How Addiction and Alcoholism Impact the Family Unit

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Addiction is a Family Disease Addiction and Alcoholism is a family disease in that it affects the family as a whole and each member individually. For an individual, living with alcohol and drug abuse means putting oneself in harmful environments filled with disruptions to normal routines, the tension of strained relationships, and dishonesty. It weighs […]