Why It’s Important to Stay Busy in Early Sobriety

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Typically there are five stages to addiction recovery: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. It’s a common myth in recovery that simply completing a 30 day program will be enough by itself for early sobriety. One of the main ways that you can stay steady with your recovery program is to consistently stay busy. Recovery […]

Why It Might Be Beneficial To Travel To Drug Rehab In Los Angeles

What its like flying into los angeles

When you decide to get help for any form of drug and substance addiction it means that you are willing to begin your road to recovery. This is a very big and recommendable step. When choosing the best way to go about recovery, there are certain factors you need to put into consideration like who […]

What Is Experiential Therapy & How Does It Aid Recovery?

Experiential therapy is a technique that uses expressive activities or tools, such as props, arts and crafts, guided imagery, role-playing, or music, to re-experience or reenact emotional situations from current and past relationships. When focused on activities, the patients begin to identify emotions that can be associated with self-esteem and disappointment. With a trained therapist, […]

6 Tips for People Who Have Trouble Meditating

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Some people may find it difficult to practice useful meditation techniques for addiction recovery. Substance abuse, anxiety, and depression are a few issues which can negatively affect someone’s state of mind and stifle the ability to meditate. These tips can help solve this problem and make life a little easier in the daily life of […]

The Benefits of Yoga for Addiction Recovery

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Yoga can be an important tool in recovery and is increasingly being used in substance abuse treatment programs to help reduce withdrawal symptoms, along with cravings and relapse. It can provide a healthier outlet to cope with potential triggers and life stressors that can make staying sober difficult. Yoga doesn’t require a specific location or […]

Coming Home From Treatment Center In Los Angeles For The Holidays

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Every year, lots of our addiction treatment clients go home to see their families over the holidays. This visit might even be the first time visiting home since you started treatment. If it is, then congratulations! If you’re going home during the holidays, it’s because your therapist and sponsor have faith in you. That’s a […]

Heroin Skateboards X SCR Collaboration | Fuck Drugs Let’s Skate

Skating in Los Angeles To Overcome Addiction

Heroin Skateboards X SCR Collaboration | Mark “Fos” Foster, artist and founder of Heroin Skateboards and industry disrupter in his own right teamed up with Sea Change Recovery recently on a very special project. The shirt, “Fuck Drugs Let’s Skate” emblematizes all the qualities that Sea Change Recovery and Heroin Skateboards demonstrate: Simple, bold and […]

Our Favorite Spots to Recover this Summer in Santa Monica

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At Sea Change it can feel like its summer all year long. It was hard to narrow down our favorite West Side spots so here it goes: Venice Skate Park 1500 Ocean Front Walk, Los Angeles, CA 90291 Skateboarding brings an immense amount of pleasure to a huge number of people. Just like people in […]

Get Growing With Horticultural Therapy In Los Angeles

You Can Grow Out Of Addiction Like These Plants IN Los ANgeles

Horticultural therapy relieves anxiety- one of the underlying causes of alcoholism and addiction. At Sea Change Recovery we use therapeutic gardens to facilitate interaction with the healing elements of nature. Gardening reduces stress and calms the nerves. It reduces cortisol which is the hormone related to the stress response. After years of lying, cheating, stealing […]

Feel Your Creative Energy

Our Art Studio For Addiction Therapy in Los Angeles Is Very Effective

The great fear of so many artists who get sober is that sobriety will ruin their imagination or creativity. Art takes so many forms including music, photography, writing and even film. Many of the creative minds behind these art forms fear that they will not be able to get their creative juices flowing without “mind-enhancing” […]