Why Are Sober Anniversaries Important?

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You’ve heard of them before, but what are sober anniversaries? Why are they important? How do you choose one? And how do you celebrate them? Let’s discuss.

Why It’s Important to Stay Busy in Early Sobriety

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Typically there are five stages to addiction recovery: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. It’s a common myth in recovery that simply completing a 30 day program will be enough by itself for early sobriety. One of the main ways that you can stay steady with your recovery program is to consistently stay busy. Recovery […]

7 Recovering Celebrities

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Fame comes with a high level of stress, and many celebrities have turned to alcohol and drugs to deal with the lifestyle. It is not uncommon to hear that a star has checked into rehab. Most recently, Wendy Williams, the talk show host checked into a sober house. Her struggle with addiction is an open […]

How to Tell if Someone is an Alcoholic

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Alcoholism is one of the great unfairness’s of life. How is it possible that something that makes people feel so happy and so good can turn on them so completely, threatening their sanity, their livelihood, their family and their very lives? No one sets out to become an alcoholic, and most are very surprised when […]

The Benefits of Yoga for Addiction Recovery

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Yoga can be an important tool in recovery and is increasingly being used in substance abuse treatment programs to help reduce withdrawal symptoms, along with cravings and relapse. It can provide a healthier outlet to cope with potential triggers and life stressors that can make staying sober difficult. Yoga doesn’t require a specific location or […]

Our Favorite Spots to Recover this Summer in Santa Monica

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At Sea Change it can feel like its summer all year long. It was hard to narrow down our favorite West Side spots so here it goes: Venice Skate Park 1500 Ocean Front Walk, Los Angeles, CA 90291 Skateboarding brings an immense amount of pleasure to a huge number of people. Just like people in […]