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When entering recovery, it’s about becoming part of a culture of recovering, active and happy people who want to live life and are willing to do the work. Josh Lazie has created a model that works. Because of him, and other supportive professionals I am today a husband, a father, in a top role in my profession and I live a full and happy life free from drugs and alcohol!!!


One of the few treatment centers that is actually showing men how to survive once they leave treatment. Truly impressed with the staff and curriculum. There is a difference between good treatment and bad. Sea Change hopefully is the model that other “high-end” treatment centers would aspire to be.


Very solid facility run by a group of caring and experienced individuals. In today’s age of letting clients get away with just about anything almost negating the point of treatment, Sea Change holds strong to its principles and structure giving those men that enter the chance for lasting recovery.

– WES W.

Awesome spot, awesome staff. Amazing treatment center! If you need help, this is the place! Saved my life.


I love Sea Change they do amazing work. The staff are great. If you are truly ready to get sober they will show you the way. Real recovery happens here.


Sea Change is the best option for men trying to get sober, period. Their program is honest, real, and full of amazing opportunities to connect with the world: surfing, jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai – THESE are how you build your body and your spirit back up again. This place changes lives.


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Sea Change Recovery is here to help those who want it. We have been through the process and understand that it takes work to stay clean + sober. Are you ready to do the work?

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What an amazing place! Sea Change took me in when my life had become completely hopeless and the staff here did everything they could to help me find the tools to improve my life. I spent just under a year here in the program and what a difference my life is today looking back. They’ve taught me so many things about myself and how take control of my own life and helped plug me into a community of amazing people. I couldn’t be more thankful for who I am today and what my life now looks like.


I have a friend who needs help.  I made the call to Sea Change to start the process.  Sadly. my friend didn’t follow through with his appointment, but I got good advice on how to better deal with the situation.  I love the concept of this facility, using salt water therapy, surfing or some form of exercise to strengthen the body along with the soul.  Hopefully, my friend will find the courage to follow through.


I don’t like to admit how many rehabs I’ve been too but… they’re not all good (we must remember it’s a business). Sea Change, on the other hand, is not a business, they teach integrity and mental strength against the addiction and not to be a “rehab guy” anymore. I can honestly state that my sobriety program that is keeping me away from the drink today is all due to Sea Change. I truly love the staff, location, and program they run. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


My youngest son of 19 , is a patient there and has changed his life for the better. He very much enjoys the program and all of the people that work there. Without Sea Change , my son very well may not have lived to see this day. As a parent I am forever thankful for Sea Change. So if you’re out there fighting your demons with drugs.. Pick up the phone and call  Sea Change. They want nothing more then to help you help yourself !!


Make no mistake, Sea Change is dedicated to the spiritual, mental, therapeutic and physical recovery from the deadly disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. I have been on both sides of the rehabilitation business (many many times as a client if I may add) and currently there is not a men’s treatment facility in Los Angeles that even comes close to the quality of care that Sea Change offers. Sea Change is about accountability not coddling. The real addict or alcoholic truly knows that “frothy emotional appeal seldom suffices….”


When I found out my 21 year old nephew was on the streets doing what I thought would be the final stages of his young life I didn’t know where to turn. His parents and I tried and tried but kept failing on attempts to get him to listen or get help. Sea Change Recovery stepped in after my phone call to them and now he is 30 days sober and working a program. This place has given us hope that he will move on and use the lessons they are not only teaching him, but using in his daily life now to become success. I just want to thank Josh and everyone there for what they are doing for my family.


We’ve Been in Your Shoes.
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In my seven years of sobriety I’ve been lucky enough to work closely with multiple members of the Sea Change Recovery staff. They are as real as it gets and incredible examples of sobriety.  I admire the work they do on themselves and the heart and soul they put into their patients. I want to refrain from using the term patient or client because I know the guys who run this facility don’t think in terms of numbers.  They believe in the strength of change and they want a better life for you and for me.  A sober life is a free life, it’s not easy and trust me they will not be easy on you.  These guys are about action and if you are ready to get sober you will be ready for action.  When I was getting sober I needed someone to relate to. Plain and simple, I needed to know there were people like me out there.  The staff of this facility gave me that, and so much more.  If you’re looking at this review and you’re scared I hope for two things for you.  I hope that you’re at you’re worst. That you have hit rock bottom and you are ready for a better life.  I also hope that you’ll begin that life at this facility.


My life has drastically changed since walking through the doors of Sea Change. I have made a complete transformation from the inside out. With my history of going in and out of treatment, never able to maintain sobriety, I did not think there was hope for someone like me. I was shown a new way of life, where living a sober life was introduced at Sea Change as something I wanted, rather then something I had to do . I was able to build a sober network of friends not only in Sea Change but outside as well. The community we have there is like no other, where friendships consist of showing up for, helping out one another, and holding each other accountable. The staff helped me every step of the way, applying for jobs, repairing relationships with my family and getting my life back together. I have reintegrated back into society. By the time I left, I was well equipped to start living a healthy, purposeful life again.


My experience at Sea Change was life changing . When they took me in I was completely broken . I had been struggling with addiction for well over 20 years . I had been to several other very expensive and prestigious treatment centers . I had never had anyone give me the truly honest assessment of my life choices and the real help straight talk  I needed until I sat down with the folks at Sea Change . They first made me feel at home … part of a family . Earned my trust and truly helped me see things in a new way. Josh Lazie and the whole staff really really care and  want you to get better . Where I am today and In my experience the only way to get sober is with the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous . The whole program is based around that . If you really want to change your life and stop terrorizing yourself and your family the 12 steps is the ONLY way .  Horseback riding and back rubs are nice … but that will not get you sober . Yes we did go surfing and hiking and did all types of activities that actually helped bond the guys together and helped one man help another .  However , getting a strong footing in AA is what has kept me sober . To this day me and my family could not be happier . It has been almost 2 years since my 90 day program at Sea Change and my therapist China still consistently checks in with me to see how I am . Like I said they treat you like family . Want to stop using drugs and Alcohol call them right now . Your life depends on it . …True story.


Sea Change Recovery was there for me when I needed treatment most, even if I didn’t know it or couldn’t admit it at that time.  They welcomed me with warmth, respect and community.  I went for outpatient and they told me I could continue to attend my program as long as I felt I needed, at no additional fee.  While I was there, I saw them take people who wanted recovery whether or not they had insurance.  Josh Lazie is the real deal — a terrific leader, an example of recovery and a compassionate human being.  He also doesn’t care about money or insurance stuff and I think that’s why his program works.  (I’ve been clean & sober since I started my outpatient program there 18 months ago.)  He also has gathered a team of professionals who are wise beyond their years, open, accepting and loving.  I’m filled with endless gratitude for Josh, China, Matt – all the folks at Sea Change, who helped my son and me more than they’ll ever know.  I can without hesitation recommend Sea Change to anyone who is ready to recover from drugs and alcohol.


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