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Services Offered At Pier House

When it comes to finding the right treatment center, it can be completely overwhelming. The important part is that you’re here: whether you’re looking for outpatient treatment or a more intensive residential inpatient program, we’re here for you. No person is exactly alike, and neither are our custom-tailored addiction treatment programs. We’ve put together this page to help you consider your needs when making the right decision.

Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Most of our clients choose to opt for inpatient rehab, since addiction can be so tricky in the early stages. When you come to visit one of our licensed accredited residential rehab facilities, you get the opportunity to escape the same old people and places that kept you trapped within the throes of your habit. It’s an immersive experience where you learn to live again, become a part of a worldwide community and re-imagine what you thought was possible with your life.
Medically assisted detox recommended for anyone struggling with physical withdrawal symptoms. Inpatient detox involves a closer watch along with medicine designed to ease your withdrawal symptoms. When you’re under the care of our passionate and thoughtful medical staff, you can be sure that the right medication will be prescribed to make your transition into a new life as smooth and comfortably as possible. 

Dual Diagnosis

Unfortunately, mental illness is often associated with drug addiction and alcoholism. Those with substance abuse problems often are trying to self medicate for problems they didn’t even know they had. We take a compassionate approach to these situations, and have helped many live happy and successful lives after getting a proper diagnosis and finding sobriety
Sometimes we have commitments that cannot be dropped at the tip of a hat. In other situations, we see those struggling to stay sober come to out outpatient treatment center as a kind of “maintenance” to help them stay strong. In either case, intensive outpatient is a great way to get adjusted to life in sobriety