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inpatient drug treatment should be a meaningful experience.

Sea Change’s therapeutic program combines individual and group therapies rooted in post-modern ideals. We also incorporate experiential addiction therapy and attend outside meetings in the community to provide a balanced, holistic approach to recovery. Each client is also encouraged to begin working through the 12-steps with a sponsor of their choice.

Detox at Sea Change
Learn more about the drug + alcohol detox program at Sea Change Recovery in Santa Monica, CA and how we can help you rid your body of substances safely.
Inpatient at Sea Change
Sea Change Recovery isn't your typical drug rehab. We combine traditional, modern, holistic, experiential + innovative therapies to offer our clients sustainable recovery.
IOP at Sea Change
Sea Change is proud to offer an intensive outpatient that offers all the benefits of our inpatient program on an outpatient basis.
Experiential Therapies at Sea Change
This is where you gain experience. Sea Change Recovery combines a variety of experiential therapies to assist clients in learning vital tools that will aid their recovery.

How Can Treatment Help?

While it is possible for a person to quit abusing drugs on their own, 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t work. The disease of addiction is insidious in nature and will convince a person that they don’t need treatment or recovery. Don’t believe the hype. Addiction kills almost 200 people every single day in America. Sea Change Recovery is here to help you find recovery for good.

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Inpatient drug treatment at Sea Change

Upon intake, each client is assigned a primary therapist and a case manager. Therapists and case managers collaborate with clients to set their own treatment planning goals. Treatment plans are individualized, achievable, measurable and frequently reviewed with the clients, so that they can see their progress. Clients are encouraged to identify their personal strengths and challenge negative thinking patterns. Treatment planning goals are facilitated through regular individual and daily group therapy sessions with licensed, experienced clinicians and participation in experiential activities.

We Understand Addiction.
Let Us Help You Kick It’s Ass.

Begin Your Journey at Our Santa Monica Drug Rehab

Sea Change Recovery in Santa Monica, California offers those seeking recovery from addiction a truly life-changing experience. Our program combines the best of traditional, modern, holistic, + experiential therapies that produce amazing outcomes in terms of sustainable recovery. Our staff has the unique combined experience of being expert treatment professionals and personal examples of long-term recovery.

If you are looking to truly end your struggle with drugs + alcohol and are ready to change your life, Sea Change Recovery has the solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about our program and how we can help. Call us now at 1-888-888-8888.

Together We Can Overcome Addiction.

Let Sea Change Recovery Help You Find Your Way.

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